Good practice guide

Congratulations! You have just confirmed a professional fashion service on MyFashionBridge. In just a few moments you will start your first fashion experience. Here you can find some advices to make sure that your experience takes place in the best conditions.


Make sure you have a small makeup bag with a loose powder, foundation corrector dark pencil, mascara and a lip gloss. For your hair you’ll need a brush and some hairspray or hair gel. Remember - hair can be your best friend or the worst enemie. Bring white and black shirts and one pair of jeans or black pants.

If you have confirmed the entire team (makeup and hair stylists), just wash your hair, clean and moisturize your face and Voila - relax and enjoy your special fashion treat.

Makeup artist:

Gently clean your face with a make up remover and cover up with a moisturizer – the make up is much more stable on well hydrated skin. Prepare a small well - lightened space in front of the window or in the bathroom with a chair and a small table or a corner for the make up tools. If it’s possible have a photo of the desired make up. You’re all set to go!

Nail artist:

Wash your hands and remove nail polish using a polish remover. If you have booked a pedicure, make sure your feets are clean and nail polish free too. If you only use the semi-permanent nail polish, specify that to the professional at the time of booking, so she/he could prepare the tools to remove it.


Wash your hair and leave them as they are, no brushing needed – the Pro will take care of everything. Prepare a small well-litghtened space in front of the window or in the bathroom with a chair. Make sure that an electrical plug-in is not too far away. Have some photos of hairstyle you want.


And here is the big day. The styling session will probably remain for long time etched in your mind. Get ready for a change! The stylists are the people who know best what kind of clothing enhance your figure advantages and what will look just bland and frumpy.

Open your closet and if it’s necessary - take notes because we forget often the basics. You'll define together your new image based on your body type and the personality. If you book service Styling & Shopping, precise your budget and follow the instructions - you are in the hands of Professional.

Personal shopper:

Personal shopper will guide you through the shops with surprising efficiency. This service is not only time saving, it helps to manage your budget better. They are real experts who know perfectly all fashion trends and tips. You can even stay at home relaxing, while Personal Shopper will find and retrieve wanted items for you.