What is it MyFashionBridge?

MyFashionBridge is accessible to everyone and designed to connect Fashion Professionals and anyone that has ever dreamed of ultimate fashion experience.

Why should I use MyFashionBridge?

MyFashionBridge brings you a large selection of Fashion Professionals right from the industry.  Trust the ones that have been working with world known Actresses and Top Models. Believe us – on Your DAY you’ll be just like one of them.

When can you use MyFashionBridge?

Anytime anyway! Looking for The Article to buy? Need a perfect make-up for your party? A wedding on the way? Family moments to memorize or a simple portrait needed? You choose when the moment is right for you to connect and quote for the Fashion service you need.

Who can use MyFashionBridge?

Everyone. Whether you are looking for a private photo session or you have a professional shooting to organize, as soon as fashion is involved - MyFashionBridge is designed to answer all your demands.

Where is the service happening?

Your choice: either you select the professional that comes to your chosen location, or you can do it at the pro’s studio – is up to you.

What questions should I ask my self before using MyFashionBridge?

What service are you looking for? What professional will you be looking for? What’s your Fashion dream?

How can I book with MyFashionBridge?

Please click on the link: "How it Works".




What is MyFashionBridge?

MyFashionBridge is the first fashion and beauty service booking platform. MyFashionBridge allows for private or business customers to book the desired service directly on the platform.

Why use MyFashionBridge?

The purpose of MyFashionBridge is to help professionals gain more visibility on the web and attract new customers, receive their online requests and increase their professional activity. Our secure payment and automatic billing system allows you not to lose time and focus on the essential: your business.

What are the services offered by MyFashionBridge?

MyFashionBridge offers six categories of services - Photography / Video, Hair, Makeup, Styling, Personal Shopper, Manicure / Pedicure.

Who are the professionals who can apply?

All professionals who have worked in fashion and have a SIRET or SIREN number. Our team will check your data and confirm your profile.

Is there a registration fee?

NO. The inscription on the platform is free and you can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

In case of dispute…

MyFashionBridge helps you manage the relationship between clients and professionals.

How to register?

Please click on the link: "How it works for Professionals".

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