When creating your style

Professional: Margo

Date: June 11, 2015 17:17

When creating your style
„Fashion flade. Style is eternal.” (Yves Saint Laurent)

You can talk about the body shape, the face shape and the colour types, choosing the right outfit for you, but what it really counts its your individuality.
The understanding of your personality, lifestyle, preferences and physical characteristics are the essentials, when working on your style. However, you can follow the further steps when searching for your unique style:

1. Get to know your body. Examine your body shape, the features and  the colors, you can find out when trying out the different outfits/ looks yourself or faster- with the assistance of the professional stylist.
2. Create the scrapbook, where you can save the images from the fashion shows or magazine editorials - the pictures which inspire you, but don't forget- not everything you like will unconditionally  look good on you and vice versa.
3. Make a monthly raides at your wardrobe, sell the old clothes you do not need and buy the new items, its better to have less, but more worthy clothes. Remember then cleaning your wardrobe- the quality, not a quantity that counts here!
4. Do not buy the clothes too small or too big or if its a good deal - you do not need that in your closet!
5. Follow the trends that suit your personality and your physics.
6. Mix&Match - that will create your individual style, mix the old basic clothing with the new accessories and vice versa.

And the most importantly- when geting inspired by the new fashion trends, stay true to yourself. The new expensive clothes will not make you look good, its you who will make the dress LOOK GOOD.

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